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How to Prepare for AI

(to remind myself)

Take slow time. Live in human places at human paces. Admit that the future is a mystery, that whatever may lay outside your control you will always have your own experience.

Turn towards your fears. Do not resist their object. Do not resist anything you would not become.

Look people in the eye. Hear them. See them. Be with them wherever they are. Remember what it is like to be lost as you reattach to yourself. Offer an anchor in a cup of tea.

Let go of money. Let it fall off of you like molting feathers. Let go of the idea that you are anything other than your Self. Take care. Fill yourself to the point of spilling over. Offer yourself to others.

Practice going inward. Walk the path inside yourself until it becomes a trail. When the world would pull you away from that place, carry it with you. Speak the undeniable truth of one who knows themselves.

Do not decry the failures of others just as you would not envy their fortunes. There are winners and losers like there are summers and winters.

Accept the impossibility of preparing for a paradigm shift. There is no preparation for what is to come except what you bring forth in yourself. Practice with purpose and patience. Sharpen your meanings and they will not blunt.

Unearth what is undeniable within yourself. Share with others, with the generosity that comes when you have nothing to lose. There is nothing to lose that you have not lost before.

No simulation shall steal my sense of self. No disruption disturb my destiny.

It is enough. It is enough.

It is enough to pass through the shadow of fear with nothing but a candle, with nothing but the word of a candle, with nothing but the sound of a word.

So go. You are already, have always been, prepared.