Writing practice has been a powerful aid in self creation for me, so I ventured into the art of bookmaking to make vessels for the words of others. The word journal comes from a root meaning "daily" and was at one point used to refer to a book of church services. It is a sibling of the word journey and a cousin of diary.

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First I make the cases, pairing Italian and Japanese book cloths on the spine with decorative papers from Italy, Japan, Nepal, and India, most of which are silk-screened by hand and made of local fibers. I then sew each text block by hand using short-grain paper and assemble the finished case-bound book with archival-quality glue.

Here is some recent work:

[split binder]

A solution for simple, modular hardcopy.

After mailing out booklets for a year I wanted a way for readers to collect them in a single case. So I created my own binding, a variation on the traveler's journal. Using flexible yet durable bracelet elastic and a custom steel bracket design the split binder can hold up to 12 separate booklets while leaving each easily removable. Or fold and insert blank pages to use it as an infinite journal.