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Like all intimacy, is earned. Through the slow work of the approach, mutual opening. Yet the digital subjects the authentic to immediacy. It encourages an authenticity by performance--the story of the wreck and not the wreck.

To process something immediately is to have no need to digest it, for it to have no substance to digest.

Connection comes from longer-lived authenticity, attention stable enough to be With, rather than pass over. It is never guaranteed, and its invitations may go unreceived.

I trust the approach, one step and then another. I do not hurry, I will not rush when I am wanting.

I hold the buzzing air and feel, follow sounds into truth and out again. I give allowance to loss. I hold my heart and practice to hold once more another.

This humaneness--can we keep it? Alas, it must change, grow, transform. Such is our task, to attempt again the repetitious renewal on the road to being whole.