Hi, my name is George.

Splitbound is a process of taking things apart in language and putting them back together to form something new.

I enjoy making words people can hold, pages they can turn, typeset productions which linger on a bedside table waiting for their moment. Each month I collect new writing in a booklet, usually 20 or so pages, and send it out by mail.*

By turns memoir, philosophy, fantasy, satire, poetry – my practice doesn't really have a set genre or subject. It asks the question: what can juxtaposition do? The body of work has become a portrait of a mind in motion. As I remake my understandings from a place of confusion I change, and the writing changes with me.

*If you would like to get these little booklets delivered to your house each month, please subscribe. I'd love to share it with you.

All works on this site and in my printed booklets are offered with a creative commons zero license. You can share, repost, excerpt, remix, and in whatever fashion take the words as your own, no attribution required. They are offered with gratitude for the myriad forces contributing to their creation.