writing support for everybody

How would you like to be supported as a writer? It would be my privilege to offer what I can and learn from the opportunity of working together. I think everyone should have access to creative support, so my approach is

  • affordably priced, starting at $25/session
  • welcoming of all genres and writers of all backgrounds
  • focused on supporting your goals and helping you grow as an artist

If you haven't had individually tailored writing support before and you're curious, I encourage you to get in touch for an introductory call.

To schedule a free, introductory call, email george ạt splitbound ɗοt com. We'll chat to see if my approach is something that might work for you.

How'd I get here? I've been writing almost every day over the past five years. Each month I produce a booklet of writing to send out in the mail to a group of subscribers. A couple years ago I founded a writing group in San Diego to explore the limits of language, and most recently ran several 8-week workshops (1, 2, 3) in which I could practice supporting other writers. Now I'm looking to learn through individual instruction how to further support the creative act.