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Relax. Enjoy the view. Kick off your shoes. You don't always have to be somewhere, be going somewhere. Take a seat, lean back, turn off the screen, and just relax. There's no need to be transported from here. It's lovely here. People love you, here. Isn't it clear how their affections decorate your life? How those connections shape the walls you live inside?

It's okay to look and listen. There are no shouts, no haunted visions. There are no people telling you what you must become. So take a rest, look around. Discover where we've found ourselves: beginning, brink, or pinnacle, we're in it with each other.

Forget the toil once in awhile. Look them in the eyes and smile. Remember work is not a reason for a life unlived. Put down the shovel. And the axe. Forget the grind and just relax. There isn't an emergency to which you must attend.

The doormat says that "Life's a Beach." What journey are you prepping for? There is no sailing out and back. The more you seek the more you'll lack. Take a stroll, watch the waves. See them come in once again. The world breathes along with you.

So relax, enjoy the view. It's the least that we can do. As we rest, the Earth may, too, until we rise again.