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Conceptual Performance Art with ChatGPT, an AI Writing Workshop

Conceptual Performance Art with ChatGPT, an AI Writing Workshop

This one's going to be fun.

Let's play with ChatGPT in ways that we haven't seen anyone try before, turning that blandest of conversationalists into an art partner to make things with feeling, surprise, and intrigue.

As we venture out past the limits of what we conceive to be possible with ChatGPT we'll also be exploring its nature, reshaping our understandings of what LLMs are capable of, how their 'beliefs' are structured, and what we can say with and through them.

It will be equal measures of improv theater, intellectual discussion group, and quiet journaling time. My hope is for it to be fun, stimulating, and leave us all with something to share and something to think about for a while afterward.

If you'd like to join, please email me at george ạt splitbound ɗοt com with your preferred day: 3/9, 3/16, or 3/23.


  • Workshop will be held over zoom
  • 10am-2pm PST (lunch break 11:30-12:30, total meeting time 3 hours)
  • I'll be running this three different days: 3/9, 3/16, 3/23
    • Currently all days have open slots. This page will be updated as they fill.
  • Capped at 8 participants
  • Sliding scale $20-50 per person
  • Participants are encouraged to buy one month of ChatGPT plus ($20) in order to use GPT-4 during the workshop. (Alternatively feel free to use Claude, Gemini, Mistral, Llama, GPT-NeoX-20B or any other model you prefer. Usage of your preferred model will not be covered.)

What this is not

This is not a prompting workshop. I will not be giving instructions for how to prompt ChatGPT to write your school paper, your marketing copy, or your website. There are lots of guides out there. The purpose of this workshop is to experiment at the edges of what we can conceive of getting LLMs to do.

About / history

If you made it all the way down here I suppose I'll give some more words if you're curious. A little over a year ago I made a suite of AI-powered party games in the style of old parlor games brought into the digital. Since then I've been thinking about formats for play in conjunction with these tools, both LLMs and image generators, and have produced several booklets exploring those themes. These forays along with a 15 year history studying machine learning, keeping up with advances in neural networks, and my recent experience running writing workshops has led me here. I'm very excited to see what we can find together as we venture into the unknown.

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