This page might have been named "services" but its origin is the Latin servus meaning slave and I doubt either of us want that kind of baggage in working together. So instead let's call it consulting, a word rooted in togetherness.

I would like to write for you, with you, and in the process discover what words can do for you and your community. Below are some example genres to inspire collaboration.

Art / Practice

Whether it's your art or someone else's, let's light a torch and walk in the deep mystery of aesthetic experience. Naming can give form to the formless and meaning to what is hidden. Whether you would like to deepen your art practice or your experience of art, I am here to offer what I may.

Company Culture and Mission

How do we infuse organizations with the human, and how do we organize for collaboration? Mission statements and values need to be flexible enough to accommodate changing times and people while providing enough clarity for contributors to gather around something shared. Let's create catalysts for great work.

Occasions and Speeches

Words enjoy a special significance at occasions, whether graduations, weddings, or funerals. Together we will craft words infused with the spirit you would like to bring to the occasion.

Personal Becoming

I have a soft spot for this one. It's the origin of my own practice with words and underlies the writing I've posted to this site and sent through the mail. Whether I write for you, or join you in writing for yourself, I would love to be present with you asking the question: what can words do for you?

How it Works

To start collaborating, send me an email (george ạt splitbound ɗοt com). Tell me about yourself, your organization, your community. Let me know what spoke to you about this page, or what you'd like words to do. We can figure out the rest as we go.