What can words do for you?

Let's have a conversation.

I'm exploring the power of words for others through conversation and writing. I'm working to perceive the invisible, reframe what is stagnant, and offer coherence in times of disorientation.

If that interests you, let's talk. I look forward to hearing from you.


"You make space for people to grapple with realities that have no conclusion."

"Your writing lands like magical therapy for me, thank you!"

"Your writing slows me down, demands that I live as fully as I can (given my impatient style of reading) with each sentence before the next."


Is this a paid thing? – Nope. This is for me to learn how to offer more through conversation. If you feel it is valuable a week later and want to contribute then you can donate whatever you like, whether that's money, feedback, testimony, or something not listed here.

Why are you doing this? – Conversation is a freeform playground to explore and dip into different topics, what's not to love? But really, I'm interested in what words can do for people, and these conversations help me in that.

How long is a chat? – 45 minutes, give or take. Whether we run short or long, let's end with more energy than we started and something to mull on.

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